PARKSCENE GROUP is one of the leading 100% export oriented Woven and Knit Garments Manufacturers and Exporters in Bangladesh. Factories are situated at Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have passed over 19 years of accomplishment, aiming to lead the competitive Woven and Knit wear-organizations of Bangladesh. We have a very good source for imported fabric from China, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan & India as well as locally. For accessories program-we have good source from Hong Kong and China. So that we can keep Buyer “On Time Delivery and Maintaining Testing Standard and Quality.” We are the company, specializing in basic as well as fashionable readymade garments manufacturers a n d exporters. We have well experienced and hardworking sales and procurement team, whose can provide you with a complete service supplying you the garments on a package basis with reasonable price. We believe that, we can provide the best service whatever you are looking for. We have been in operation since 1996. Buyer’s samples and new design development are always welcome. We are very much conscious and Strict about quality control, competitive prices and prompt delivery are guaranteed. To ensure social compliance’ is our motto. We are always secured by a trained and Hi- Skilled Security Team and CCTV surveillance system.

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Our factory information

We are 100% Export oriented ready made garments manufacturer and exporter. We have two Knit and three Woven factories. Also we have Printing and Embroidery Factories.

Parkscene Bangladesh Limited (knit factory)

Company Name Parkscene Bangladesh Ltd.
Nature of Business RMG Manufacturer & Exporter
Year of Establishment 1998
Yearly Turnover US $10.50 Million
Employee No. 700
Factory Space 43,200 Sqft.
Total Machine No. 427 sets
Production Line 10 Lines

Parkstar Apparels Limited (woven factory)

Company Name Parkstar Apparels Ltd.
Nature of Business RMG Manufacturer & Exporter
Year of Establishment 2000
Yearly Turnover US $14.50 Million
Employee No. 750
Factory Space 42,105 Sqft.
Total Machine No. 393 sets
Production Line 06 Lines
Insurer BGMEA
Production Capacity per Day
  • Long Pants - 6800 pcs
  • Shorts - 7200 pcs
  • Bermuda - 6900 pcs
  • Wind Breaker - 5800 pcs
  • Padded Jacket - 4500 pcs

Parkview Dresses Limited (woven factory)

Company Name Parkview Dresses Ltd.
Nature of Business RMG Manufacturer & Exporter
Year of Establishment 2006
Yearly Turnover US $14.20 Million
Employee No. 740
Factory Space 52,000 Sqft.
Total Machine No. 378 sets
Production Line 06 Lines
Production Capacity per Day
  • Long Pants - 6800 pcs
  • Shorts - 7100 pcs
  • Bermuda - 7000 pcs
  • Wind Breaker - 5000 pcs
  • Padded Jacket - 4500 pcs

seaview Dresses Limited (woven factory)

Company Name Seaview Dresses Ltd.
Nature of Business RMG Manufacturer & Exporter
Year of Establishment 2016
Employee No. 780
Factory Space 130,500 Sqft.
Total Machine No. 934 sets
Production Line 06 Lines
Production Capacity per Day
  • Long Pants - 13,500 pcs
  • Shorts - 14,200 pcs
  • Bermuda - 13,800 pcs
  • Wind Breaker - 9600 pcs
  • Padded Jacket - 7200 pcs
  • Girls Dresses - 7000 pcs
  • Swim Wear - 9500 pcs

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Our machinery & technology

We have well-equipped factory with the latest machinery to produce quality garments. Our commitment to constantly upgrading our infrastructure and resources is evident from our impressive array of state of the art machinery. We have CAD section with following machines:

  • CAD System (Garber & Leuctra)
  • Infinity 80, Winda-190F (CAD)
  • Konsan JD2A-40 (Fabric Inspection)
  • Hashima HPM-600B (Fusing Machine)
  • CAMKS-AUV Straight Knife Cutting Machine
  • Hashimahn-750g(Needle Detector)

Our environment

Our commitment to our clients begins with our employees. Our employees are our strongest asset and sure that the working environment at our Factories are secured, safe, comfortable and productive.

health & safety

We strictly adhere to ethical business-practice. It carries out compliance as a continuous process, and exceeds cal legislations to meet ILO convention in terms of employment practice and safety. Its Compliance Management Team monitors and reviews the various activities performed throughout the organization. Forth safety of its workers, we improved workplace conditions; setup noticeable warning signs in the local language; enforced the usage of safety equipment; and built awareness among the workforce. The work-place has clearly demarcated emergency exits and equipment. Besides paying a healthy living wage- much higher than the legal minimum-We support its workers by setting up welfare facilities. An adequate canteen; safe drinking water; and hygienic lavatories, ensure that workers are comfortable with the workplace. All measures are adopt Eddy the factory to provide maximum health and safety arrangements to all our employees.
A qualified M.B.B.S registered doctor and trained nurse are employed fulltime along with health center for health service and emergency treatment of employees, further the company is an active member of Tairunnesa Medical College Hospital and International Medical College Hospital which provides emergency medical services to all employees of its members free charge. We also provide childcare and transportation to workers. Appropriate lighting facilities , pure drinking water, proper ventilation, fast-aid box, adequate exit doors, free access to all firefighting equipment, adequate and Unblocked walk ways throughout the factory, one toilet for each 25employees, 24hours CCTV surveillance system and all kind of safety equipment for workers where ever applicable and dinning all with seating capacity for minimum 50% of total workers are maintained by the factory.

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sap fashions ltd.

Committed To Quality Wash & Service
Company Name Sap Fashions Ltd.
Nature of Business RMG Manufacturer & Exporter
Year of Establishment 2017
Employee No. 192
Factory Space 15,000 Sqft.
Total Machine No. 42 sets
Production Line 02 Lines
Production Capacity per Day
  • Denim - 10,000 pcs
  • Twill - 15,000 pcs
details about our machines
# Machine Description Capacity Country of Origin Quantity
1 Washing machine 550 lbs Bangladesh 8 set
2 Sample machine 150 lbs Bangladesh 1 set
3 Sample machine 110 lbs, 60 lbs Bangladesh 2 set
4 Hydro Extractor 46 inch China 1 set
5 Hydro Extractor 42 inch China 1 set
6 Auto Hydro Extractor 48 inch China 1 set
7 Machine Speed Controller 15 KW Korea 2 set
8 Machine Speed Controller 10 KW Korea 1 set
9 Spray Gun Best Quality China 6 set
10 Dryer Machine 600 lbs Bangladesh 9 set
11 Destroy & Whisker Machine Best Quality China 5 set
12 3D Machine 300 P Bangladesh 1 set
13 Generator Ferkins (FG Willson) 150 KVA UK 1 set
14 Crinkle Machine Bangladesh 1 set
15 Boiler Machine 800 KG Korea 1 set
16 Boiler Machine 500 KG Korea 1 set
17 Compressor 10 HP India 1 set
18 Compressor 5.5 HP India 2 set
19 Compressor 7.5 HP India 1 set
20 Submersible Machine 3 inch Italy 1 set
21 Submersible Machine 3 inch China 2 set
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